Technical real stuff: Why should LED light pole screens achieve energy saving? Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Technical real stuff: Why should LED light pole screens achieve energy saving?

Technical real stuff: Why should LED light pole screens achieve energy saving?

Technical real stuff: Why should LED light pole screens achieve energy saving?

      With the further popularization of smart street lamps, it has brought a lot of convenience to people's travel. At the same time, there are data indicating that the scale of China's smart street lamp market will reach 10 billion. It shows that its development potential is huge, and the promotion of new smart street lamps has also caused widespread publicity  attention. As an indispensable information carrier in the intelligent street lamp system , the LED light bar screen makes the construction, management and operation of the smart street lamp project simpler and more intelligent. Therefore, the LED light screen is more and more valuable


      As a relatively important information display method , LED light pole screens have many unique features in design and function, and are also an important presentation of new technologies and new products in the LED industry segment. At the same time, in terms of energy saving, LED light pole screens also have the incomparable advantages of other traditional displays. In fact, "energy saving" is a hot topic in many field , Therefore, LED light pole screens with energy-saving technology undoubtedly increase their competitiveness in the market and make them stand out in the same kind of products; at the same time, energy saving not only reduces the heat of internal components, but also greatly improves the products  life span.

      However, for LED light pole screens, it is not easy to achieve energy saving,  it should be reflected in details such as material selection, structural design, system design, and application landing. As a smart city terminal equipment manufacturer focusing on LED light pole screen, LED smart street light screen, LED advertising machine and vertical advertising machine, Tecnon Smart Display  has its own unique insights in energy saving. Equipped with light sensor and intelligent temperature control system, it not only makes the products more intelligent, but also has a significant reflection on energy saving.


      In fact, for LED display, automatic brightness adjustment is one of the effective ways to achieve energy saving. Therefore, the Tecnon Smart Display LED light pole screen adds a light-sensing probe, which breaks the bottleneck of the LED light pole screen dark during the day, and bright at nighttime . The brightness is automatically adjusted to reduce the heat of each unit and achieve energy-saving effect. Effectively avoid urban light pollution problems. In addition, the intelligent temperature control system is favour of the Tecnon Smart Display’s LED light pole screen ,make it has a very favorable product advantage in terms of service life and resource loss.

      However, Tecnon Smart Display's understanding of energy saving is not only as simple as adding components, but also the role of material selection and function realization. Starting from the high-energy components such as power supply, drive, IC, etc., the high energy consumption is “killed” in the cradle; the function realization is to add remote hard power-off function for each LED light pole screen, when it is unnecessary Remote power off of the device to reduce waste of resources


All along,Tecnon Smart Display is very happy to embrace new technologies, constantly optimize product performance, expand new functions, break the boundaries of technological innovation, realize quantitative changes to qualitative changes, exhaust new materials, new technologies, new functions, new ideas, Smart terminal products such as LED advertising machines and LED light pole screens are lighter, more energy efficient, more beautiful and smarter. It has been  transformed from “Made in China” to “Smart in China”, providing smarter technology products in the smart city construction boom and becoming a global leader in smart city end products.

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