Tianjin Has Become The City That Using The Largest Number Of Pole Led Display In China Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

Tianjin Has Become The City That Using The Largest Number Of Pole Led Display In China

Tianjin Has Become The City That Using The Largest Number Of Pole Led Display In China

       Tecnon Smart display had installed fourth batches of nearly 40 sets pole led display in Tianjin on June 26th. Tianjin has become the city that using the largest quantity of pole led display (intelligent street lamp) in China. The smart street light project, lead by the mayor of Tianjin, was urgent finished before Singapore prime minister's visit to Tianjin, and a large amount pole led displays may appear in the news report supported by Tecnon Smart Display.

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       As one of the top led display panel suppliers, Tecnon Smart Display is currently the only enterprise focus on R & D and manufacturing of pole led display. Tecnon Smart Display was subsidiary of Fujian Tecnon Commericial Lighting (Stock Code: 300650) at the end of 2017. Now there are more than 30 pole led display designs. In less than a year, nearly 30 patents have been applied, and three cloud servers have been built. Investment millions in the research and development of new products, Tecnon Smart Display has already put the technology and quality of the lamp screen to a new height from the hardware to the software, from the shape to the function.

       Tianjin has become the city that using the largest number of pole led display in China. From the first batch of 78 sets in early 2016 to the second batch of 200 sets of projects in the ecological garden in March 2018, and then to the third batches of 30 and 32 sets in the third batches of this year. There are more than 340 sets of 680 display panels of pole led display in Tianjin alone. These pole led displays are strictly speaking not the true sense of intelligent street lamps. The four-item is a shape, a model, and a color. It looks like only a double-sided display on the pole. Tecnon Smart Display has also made suggestions for improvement to the owners. He may use the true sense of street lighting design concept in subsequent projects. The four batch of projects in Tianjin are P5's precision and dimensions are 960*1440 double-faced display pole screens. Many intelligent functions are not leading-in. For example, energy saving technology, remote hard power failure, temperature control fans and so on have no chance to use. Tecnon Smart Display has accumulated a lot of experience in these projects and has done a lot of precipitation for the upgrading of products.

       From the project of Tianjin pole display, Tecnon Smart Display has seen the market prospect and opportunity of the smart street light. The company will increase R & D investment, marketing investment, Tecnon Smart Display is determined to knock down with the lamp screen. And it wants to make pole led display become more energy-efficient, more beautiful, smarter, cheaper. Let pole led display go to every corner of the city. Tecnon Smart Display reveres "from quantitative change to qualitative change, detonating market with price" rule of operation, quickly seize the market under the premise of ensuring quality.

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